Countertops Most Durable Against Spills

A main concern for countertops in the kitchen

Things get messy in your kitchen, this mess is usually focused on your kitchen countertops…although the floor is also a likely receiver of a few spills! Homeowners in Nashville contact us at Stone World frequently to see which are the best kitchen countertops to deal with spills.

Here is some advice on the countertops most durable against spills that will prove to be useful when making material decisions.

Quartz countertops: They can take it all

Quartz is the fourth hardest natural substance in the world. This incredible density makes it not only strong and durable, but also incredibly resistant to spills of anything you have in your kitchen. The density of quartz does not allow water to penetrate it and ruin the finish.

Not only does a quartz countertop resist water, but it also resists stains. You’ll have to work to stain a quartz countertop, such as leaving spills for several days and not cleaning them properly. It can handle a little red wine, unlike a laminate kitchen countertop!

Commonly, what people think are stains on a quartz countertop actually turn out to only be surface dirt that needs a little bit more elbow grease to get them out.

Countertops Most Durable

Countertops Most Durable

Granite countertops: They can take it too, as long as you protect them

Granite is primarily composed of quartz, with this being the case it is also very dense and strong. The top of a granite countertop is slightly more porous than quartz and will absorb some moisture if you don’t have it properly sealed periodically. You’ll have to contact us and ask about the needs of your specific piece of quartz, but sealing should be done anywhere from every 1 – 10 years.

Granite also has high stain resistance, but again you’ll need to clean it up after a spill. Nothing on Earth is 100% stain resistant, but quartz and granite countertops come pretty close. This stain resistance is heightened by a regular sealing as well.

Marble countertops: Beauty with some work

Marble countertops are always an eye catcher, but they are admittedly slightly more work than granite and not as resistant to spills and staining as granite and quartz countertops. This is due to marble being a soft and porous stone.

Marble demands prompt cleaning of spills to prevent staining. A good seal of the granite countertop will help prevent stains, but there’s no doubt about the fact that marble ranks third out of our three materials for stain resistant kitchen countertops.

What to do about a stain on your kitchen countertop?

If you have a stain on your kitchen countertop, and need the right advice on getting it off, contact us at Stone World today. Our knowledgable team have helped a number of frantic homeowners in Nashville, Tennessee get their kitchen countertop looking like new again.

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