Custom Countertop Cuts for Your Kitchen Island

Add a pop in your kitchen

For many homeowners in Nashville, their kitchen island is the signature design element of their entire kitchen. This is because a kitchen island, which stands alone in the middle of a room, naturally draws eyes toward it. Custom countertop cuts for your kitchen island will draw the eyes to a beautiful focal point, which complements the rest of the design and layout.

Why you should choose a custom kitchen countertop for your island

Take a look at your kitchen and ask yourself: is it exactly the same as every other kitchen in Nashville? The same measurements? The same color scheme? Of course not!

When it comes to building a kitchen island that matches your home you need to get the countertop which fits it best – you need a custom cut kitchen countertop for your home. This customization applies to both the physical size, as well as the color scheme.

Custom Countertop Cuts

Custom Countertop Cuts

Choosing a custom kitchen countertop size for your island

When you’re physically laying out your kitchen island’s size, you need to look at the distance between the island, your kitchen countertops, and the other fixtures in your kitchen.

For a kitchen which usually has a single cook in it you will want 42 inches of clearance all the way around the island. For homes with two cooks in the kitchen at once, this should expand to 48 inches. A custom cut kitchen countertop will be needed for the best fit of the exact measurements of your home.

Choosing a custom kitchen countertop design for your island

Kitchens come in all manner of colors and design patterns. Choosing a kitchen countertop color that matches your overall design scheme is important. So important, in fact, that most people choose the kitchen countertop first, especially when they’re choosing granite, marble, or quartz countertops, and then design around it.

Choosing a custom cut kitchen countertop will help you set the mood that you’re after in your kitchen, and will truly reflect your personality.

Help finding the right kitchen countertop for your island

Our team at Stone World has helped countless people in Nashville find the perfect custom cut kitchen countertop for their design ideas. Contact us today for expert advice on any of the questions that you may have about kitchen countertop size, layout, or color choice.

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  1. My husband and I are redoing our kitchen, and we are currently trying to decide on our countertop. I like the idea of us choosing our own design, that we can find the one that matches our overall design. It would be great to have it look the way we want, like picking out granite or marble.

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