Repair a Scratch in your Granite Countertop

A granite countertop with a scratch in it is a granite countertop that is susceptible to even more damage. As more people in Nashville choose to use them in their homes, we hear more problems developing from small scratches that aren’t dealt with promptly or correctly.

This article lays out 8 steps you can take to repair a scratch in your granite countertop.

Repair a scratch in your granite countertop

1. Wipe Down: The area around the scratch needs to be cleaned with a solvent. Go to your local hardware store in Nashville and ask for methyl-ethyl-keytone, paint stores will definitely have it. This will remove any oils on the surface of the granite countertop. When clean, dry it with a hairdryer to be sure that all moisture is gone.

2. Mask it: Use masking tape to create a frame around the scratch. The frame is meant to keep the epoxy in the next step in a small area.

3. Use epoxy: Put on your best rubber gloves, get to a location with ventilation, and mix together the epoxy resin and tinted granite powder, that you should have bought while out in Nashville looking for the solvent. Mix in more resin until you get the right color for the scratched area. Follow the instructions included as they vary slightly, but this is when you’ll usually add the hardener.

4. Fill the scratch: Most surface scratches will only need a small amount of the epoxy resin to fill it up. Keep it within the masking tape frame, don’t spread it around.

5. Level it off: Use a razor blade and scrape the epoxy off before it gets too hard so it is level with the rest of your granite countertop.

6. Wait: The epoxy needs at least 24 hours to completely harden.

7. Get buff: Use a very fine grit sandpaper, at least an 800, to smooth out the surface. Keep the frame in place so you don’t damage the area around it needlessly.

8. Seal the deal: Use your sealer that you always have for your granite countertop by applying it with a paintbrush. This will help it look shiny and new again.

Further granite countertop repair help in Nashville

For bigger scratches, or even chips, contact the team here at Stone World. They’ve helped many other residents in Nashville repair their granite countertop, and have the connections to get it done right should you need professional help!

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