Kitchen Countertop Designs that Create Open Plan Homes

Kitchen countertop designs play a major role in open design plans for homes all over the Middle Tennessee area. Here are five ways that you can use your kitchen countertop designs to get that open plan feel in your home.

Creating open plan homes with kitchen countertop designs that work

Adding a bar to your large island

No, I’m not talking about Australia: the island kitchen in your home is a great place to add a bar. How this works with kitchen countertop designs is by simply extending the countertop surface so that you can fit a few stools under them that people can sit at. This opens the room up to socializing.

For next level design ideas, try a two tiered bar at your countertop island. This popular design idea is taking off in the Middle Tennessee area as it allows for taller bar stools and a better sitting height.

Allowing for modern technology in your kitchen countertop designs

Nothing opens up a home like allowing for a space to be used for multiple purposes. Having USB ports ready to charge an iPad that has the recipe on it, or a movie to watch while cooking, makes your kitchen feel more like the rest of your home as technology is an increasingly important aspect of home design.

Regular plugs are also important – put them everywhere in your kitchen countertop design plans for maximum diversity of use.

Integrating appliances into your kitchen countertop designs

The days of kitchen countertop designs being shaped around appliances is over in the Middle Tennessee design world. Incorporating your fridge, stove, microwave and other appliances into the kitchen countertop designs make for a plan that feels more open as more of your appliances feel like they belong, rather than being separate entities.

Matching other rooms

Choosing colors for your kitchen countertop designs that match the rest of the color choices in your home makes for more harmonious living, and a connectedness that is essential in an open plan home. Look around the Middle Tennessee area to find which types of curves are found naturally around you.

Kitchen countertops that curve

Something about curves in kitchen countertop designs that extend to other rooms offer a feeling of connection that straight lines don’t. There’s a natural feeling about them which lends to the opening feeling.

Choosing kitchen countertop designs for your home

If you’re in the Middle Tennessee area and need help with your kitchen countertop designs, contact the team at Stone World today!

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