Built in Cutting Boards for Kitchen Countertops

Installing a built in cutting board for your kitchen

No matter how big your kitchen countertops are, it always seems like you can use just a little more space. Built in cutting boards for kitchen countertops have been around for decades, my grandmother had one in her kitchen, which was built in the 1930s, and they are still a popular commodity to have.

Built in cutting boards are once again gaining in popularity in homes in Nashville, we’ll look at the styles that you can choose to incorporate into your kitchen countertop designs.

Drawer style pull out cutting board

This is a popular style for those who want their built in cutting board to pull out smoothly. The cutting board will be mounted to standard drawer pull outs. They will have stops on them which prevent them from being pulled too far, and the best will have a locking feature on them once you pull them out a certain distance. Pushing up on the bottom of the cutting board allows it to slide back in.

This style of pull out cutting board is popular for those whose kitchen countertop, and overall design, is modern. The metal of the drawer pull outs always looks good in a modern kitchen with the frequent use of stainless steel and other metals.

Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen Countertops

Sliding pull out cutting boards

This is the original style of pull out cutting boards, and the one which was in my grandmother’s home. It simply slides out as the cutting board sits directly on the frame. Cutting boards are not heavy, unlike a drawer full of cutlery, so a metal pull out assembly is typically not needed.

The cutting board will usually have some sort of stop affixed to the back of it to prevent it from being pulled all of the way out. It will lock in place due to the force you exert downwards on it which pushes it against the surrounding frame. This is low tech, but it is sure to last longer than metal drawer pull outs which may need to be replaced as they age.

Pull out cutting board alternatives

If your kitchen countertops don’t allow space for a built in cutting board, but you need more space, consider a cutting board which fits over your sink or over your cooking surface.

One which goes over the sink can help you during washing, or allow you to sweep waste into the garbage disposal right away. One which goes over the cooking surface gives you room to prepare the food which is about to go into a pot or on a pan.

For help determining what you can do with your kitchen countertop, check out our own gallery of kitchen design ideas. You’ll see a wide variety of cutting board styles. If you need to talk to someone, our team at our location in Nashville, Tennessee is ready to answer your questions.

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