Backsplash Designs for your Bathroom

Determining the scope, materials, and design for your bathroom

Nashville has a very distinct style and feel to it, and this applies equally to the bathrooms that are designed and built here. I’m going to outline a few of the most popular and interesting choices for the all important backsplash so that you can start thinking of the materials and final design for your bathroom remodel.

Backsplash Designs

Backsplash Designs

Mosaic tile backsplashes

These intricate and interesting backsplashes are made up of many tiny pieces of tile. They can be arranged to create countless memorable designs. Choosing one which perfectly matches your marble, quartz or granite bathroom countertop, by picking out key colors of the stone, can create a bathroom backsplash that has an incredible overall effect.

Nature mixing with modern fixtures

Using a natural stone for your backsplash, and coupling it with sleek and modern fixtures, can make your bathroom look like a modern spa within a natural setting. Few things can create this sort of feeling like pairing stainless with a lightly coloured stone backsplash. This can be done with tiles, or larger slabs for the backsplash.

Pale colors with muted lighting

Playing on the tile mosaic feeling, a bathroom that pairs pale colours, such as pastel blues, greens and yellows, with muted lighting, creates a bathroom which is relaxing long before you ever get into the bath.

Choose a tile backsplash that meets these color choices, pair it with a bathroom cabinet countertop of a similar color, and feel calm wash over you when you enter.

For a bonus tip, use minimalist furnishings and exposed plumbing to really give it an open, airy and relaxed feeling.

Creating a grand display with marble

A marble backsplash has been used by countless homeowners all over the world who are looking for a way to create the most grand backsplash. Matching a solid marble countertop with small marble tiles, that are woven into unique patterns, for the backsplash is a sure way to accomplish this.

Lighting it to best present these two is interesting. You can go with bright lighting which highlights the white, bright feeling of marble, or go with a subdued yellow light which evokes relaxation. It comes down to whether you choose a white marble countertop that you want to shine, or if you choose a gray or yellow marble countertop to create a relaxing environment.

Help choosing the best backsplash for your bathroom

Our design team at Stone World has helped people in Nashville do simple bathroom renovations that help them incorporate a new bathroom cabinet countertop, as well as complete bathroom overhauls. Take a look at our gallery to get your creativity flowing when you consider backsplash designs for your bathroom, and contact us when you have questions or need more guidance.

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