Sophisticated Bathroom Styles

Marble adds sophistication to your bathroom

The use of marble in the bathroom is popular amongst many people in Nashville. The use of marble countertops and tiles dates all the way back to Ancient Rome, and is a tradition that carries on today due to the high style and sophistication that it brings to a bathroom.

How can you incorporate marble into your bathroom?  Sophisticated bathroom styles will add incredible home value and luxury.

Marble countertops

A solid slab marble countertop is the most common way that marble is used in any bathroom renovation or build. Every bathroom countertop supplier worth their circular saw has marble countertops on offer, our own collection of marble is one of the most exciting in Nashville.

The great thing about a marble countertop is that it goes with every type of fixture. Most people tend to go towards shiny stainless steel or chrome fixtures, these are certainly the more elegant choices that you can make.

Marble tiles backsplash and floors

To perfectly complement that marble countertop, at a more affordable price per square foot, many people turn to marble tile backsplashes and floors. Finding large enough slabs to cover a floor is possible, but very costly and impractical to transport. Laying it down as a floor is also a challenge as cracks can appear as the floor shifts due to you walking on it.

This is why it is much more common to see 12×12 inch marble tiles used to tie the flooring in with a marble countertop. Marble backsplashes are typically used as they are then drawn into the overall scheme of the room and can act as a beginning point for a border that goes all the way around the room.

Marble tiles in the shower

Having a marble countertop sitting by itself can make it seem less grand. Having a shower which uses marble tile to complement it in an equally grand way is a choice that many homeowners in Nashville make when they want marble in their bathroom.

The flexibility of tiles allow for different shower shapes to be accommodated. You may want to find another stone for your shower floor as marble does not do well with standing water.

Sophisticated Bathroom

Sophisticated Bathroom

Where to get advice on building a sophisticated marble bathroom

Our design team at Stone World have helped numerous homeowners in Nashville, TN build incredible marble bathrooms. For some design ideas to get you started, check out our bathroom gallery. Contact us when you’re ready to start really designing your bathroom with the sophistication of marble.

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