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Choosing the Right Black Bathroom Countertop Material

Black bathroom countertops are an incredibly popular choice in Nashville amongst those who want a modern or contemporary look. Choosing the right black bathroom countertop material can be difficult as there are so many choices out there.

This article will help homeowners in Nashville who are unsure which black bathroom countertop material is right for their bathroom renovation.

Black bathroom countertop materials: Quartz

Quartz bathroom countertops have been becoming a more common feature in homes all over Nashville. Its use in bathroom is particularly important as it is completely resistant to water and microorganisms. Sounds like the type of bathroom countertop material you need, right?

Quartz bathroom countertops are available in many colors, but black is a very definite option. You can choose something that is stark black, or one with a few flecks of color in it that will help bring your bathroom design alive.

Black bathroom countertop materials: Granite

Granite may be the most diversely used material in the world, and works perfectly as a black bathroom countertop material. They may not be as resistant to water and microorganisms as quartz, but they’re likely to outlast anything else in your bathroom.

Granite is popular as a black bathroom countertop due to its unique color range. It does complete black, as well as various flecks of color within black that add dynamic elements to your black bathroom design.

Black bathroom cabinet materials: Marble

Black marble? Whaaaat? The famously white material can be found in black here in Nashville if you shop around, request it, or ask. While marble is never going to be a black bathroom countertop material like quartz or granite, it can still be found in a very dark shade. They will also have brown and grey shades in them.

Choosing a black bathroom countertop material for your home

Choosing the right black bathroom countertop material for your bathroom renovation or new build can help set the mood for your room. Call up the team at Stone World for the great advice that they’ve given many people in Nashville with design problems!